Remember Me - The Words


Hosanna! Hosanna! Blessed He comes in the name of the Lord
Hosanna! Hosanna! Honor the King of Kings!
Hosanna! Hosanna! Prepare ye the way in the name of the Lord
Hosanna! Hosanna! Honor the King of Kings!

He is the Prince of Peace, He is the King of Kings.
Let praises never cease for He who salvation brings.
Bow down before the Lord, love and adore the Lord.
Let all the people lift their voices, let all creation sing.

My kingdom is not here on Earth, and I go to fulfill the promise of My birth.
Let the children come. Let us be as one. My time is at hand.
Let us celebrate the wisdom of God's plan.

The Alabaster Flask

See this alabaster flask, a rare perfume within, a rich and fragrant oil.
Lord, I pour it out for you to ease your weary heart, to soothe your troubled soul.
Lord, please offer me this chance to show my love for you, to show my love for you.
Lord, Your spirit like the oil, so powerful, so pure, so soon to be released.

See this alabaster skin, this vessel flesh and bone, till now My mortal home.
Soon My spirit will be spent to ease the weary heart, to calm the troubled soul.
This My final destiny, to show My love for all, to show My love for all.
Soon, My spirit like the oil, poured out will make them whole.

So soon to be released.

The Latest Messiah

Who is this man! What are his credentials!
His power is growing, there's no time to lose!

Priests and Pharisees:
No time to lose, there's no time to lose!

Who gave him the right to stir up the masses!
He must be stopped, this King of the Jews.
Where is He from? This latest Messiah, rewriting our laws.
He's running roughshod. He's coddling the sick, the poor, the pariah.
He's promising heaven, He claims to be God.
He calls Himself Christ, declares He's the Savior.
But no one can save Him from what must be done.

Priests and Pharisees:
What must be done, yes what must be done!

His arrogant speech, His reckless behavior will be the undoing of God's errant son!

I can deliver on what you're asking, I'm one of his group, a close confidante.
It's gonna be pricey, I'm sticking my neck out, but I can deliver the outcome you want.

Don't give us a speech, just honor your promise.
Discussion is over, now let's make a plan.
Here is the fee, now honor the bargain.
Let's set the trap for this blasphemous man.

Remember Me

Jesus: In this place we gather together.

Disciples: In this room.

Jesus: One last chance to share with each other.

Disciples: One last time. One last time. Is it really true? Are we losing you?
Do you have to see this through?
Let us come with you. Let us stay with you. As you die let us die, too.

Jesus: It's not your time. Your place is here among the lost.
I will return after I have paid the cost. Take this bread as a sign of My body.

Disciples: Share the bread. We share the bread.

Jesus: Take this wine, My blood, your salvation.

Disciples: Share the wine.

Jesus: Do this to celebrate, commemorate My humanity.
When I have gone my peace I leave with you to carry on.

Disciples: Take the bread. As we do we'll remember Your sacrifice, Your sacrifice.

Jesus: For your sins I will die.

Disciples: Take the cup. As we do we'll remember.
Lord, You are Christ! Lord, You are the Christ!

Jesus: I will remember you.
Disciples: We will remember you.
Jesus: Yes, I'll remember you.
Disciples: We will remember you.
Jesus: I will remember me, my friends.

Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus of Nazareth, born of woman, Son of man.
God's love embodied within a human heartbeat.
We crown you with gladness. You dispel our sadness.
Jesus of Nazareth, we kneel at Your feet.

Jesus of Nazareth, Champion of the poor and weak.
Into a world filled with troubled souls You came.
Healer of sickness, let us all bear witness.
Jesus of Nazareth, we call on Your name.


The night is dark, the olive trees seem to shudder as they stand in the chilly breeze.
Suddenly You look so old and worn.
You wear the face of someone haunted by a world of hate and scorn.
Could this be the end of our brief journey? Reassure us, Lord, give us hope.

The hours slip by, our hearts are weak. Our eyes grow heavy, our aching bodies yearn for sleep.
Still you pray, struggling with Your pain.
What can we do to help, to comfort You, bring You joy again?
Is this the unfolding of Your fate, Lord? Reassure us, show us a sign.

Stay awhile, wait and pray awhile. I need to spend some time alone with My Father.
Stay awhile, wait and pray awhile. I need to wrestle with My thoughts as the night wears slowly on.
Here in the shadows of the night an even darker cloud descends. Is this to be My end?
My impending death stands close before me. I hear the cries of humankind.
Their voices echo in my mind across the spans of time.
If this be Your will, let it be Mine. If this be Your will, let it be Mine.

Are You There?

Master, are you there? My friend, are you here in the garden?

Judas, why have you come? Judas, why do you call Me your friend?

Judas: This darkness hangs heavy all around. Like a snake it coils coldly round my heart.
Come out into the lamplight, let us see Your face.
Show Yourself for who You really are.

Judas, I know why you have come. Judas, I know what you have done.
This darkness that you fear now is nothing to the night that waits for you when tomorrow comes.
Waiting when tomorrow comes.

The Way, The Truth and The Life

The stage has now been set, and the curtain has been drawn,
The players take their places, the script moves quickly on.
My life speaks for itself, the things I've taught and done,
My words will be remembered long after I am gone.

And for all time, ever since the world began
I am the Light of the World to every woman, every man.

Tomorrow I'll be tried by court of foolish men.
I will be crucified but in three days I'll rise again.
And some will know the Truth, and the Truth will make them free.
But others won't believe, their pride will blind them from liberty.

And for all time, ever since the world began
I am the Way, the Truth and the Life to every woman, every man who believes in Me.

Hallelujah! He is Alive!

Hallelujah! He is risen.
Hallelujah! He is alive.
Hallelujah! The tomb is empty.
Hallelujah! Christ is alive!

Tell the nations! Share the good news!
Christ is risen! He is alive!
Christ the Savior, raised in glory!
He is risen! He is alive!

He is alive today!