Hear a Sample

Remember Me

Jesus: In this place we gather together.

Disciples: In this room.

Jesus: One last chance to share with each other.

Disciples: One last time. One last time. Is it really true? Are we losing you?
Do you have to see this through?
Let us come with you. Let us stay with you. As you die let us die, too.

Jesus: It's not your time. Your place is here among the lost.
I will return after I have paid the cost. Take this bread as a sign of My body.

Disciples: Share the bread. We share the bread.

Jesus: Take this wine, My blood, your salvation.

Disciples: Share the wine.

Jesus: Do this to celebrate, commemorate My humanity.
When I have gone my peace I leave with you to carry on.

Disciples: Take the bread. As we do we'll remember Your sacrifice, Your sacrifice.

Jesus: For your sins I will die.

Disciples: Take the cup. As we do we'll remember.
Lord, You are Christ! Lord, You are the Christ!

Jesus: I will remember you.
Disciples: We will remember you.
Jesus: Yes, I'll remember you.
Disciples: We will remember you.
Jesus: I will remember me, my friends.